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Red Dragoon
Full Portrait Minerva.png
Full Attack Minerva.png
Full Special Minerva.png
Full Injured Minerva.png
Art by: Daisuke Izuka
Rarities 5Icon Rarity 5.png
Weapon Type Icon Class Green Axe.pngGreen Axe
Move Type Icon Move Flying.png Flying
Origin Fire Emblem: Mystery of the Emblem
Gender Female
Voice Actor EN Cindy Robinson
Voice Actor JP Sakura Ayane
Release Date February 2, 2017

Princess of Macedon who took up arms against her brother, Michalis.


All stats have a degree of variation. The stat growth page explains how the variation works.

Base Stats

5Icon Rarity 5.png17/18/196/7/88/9/107/8/94/5/6

Max Level Stats

5Icon Rarity 5.png36/40/4328/31/3430/33/3629/32/3519/22/25


Icon Skill Weapon.pngWeapons

NameMightRangeEffectSP CostDefaultUnlock
Iron Axe61----
Steel Axe81-100--
Silver Axe111-2004Icon Rarity 4.png-
Hauteclere161Accelerates Special trigger (cooldown count-1).4005Icon Rarity 5.png5Icon Rarity 5.png

Icon Skill Assist.pngAssists

This hero has no Assist skills.

Icon Skill Special.pngSpecials

Name SP Cost Effects Charge Cost Rarity
Holy Vestments - Reduces damage inflicted by attacks from foes 2 spaces away by 30% 3 -
Sacred Cowl 200 Reduces damage inflicted by attacks from foes 2 spaces away by 30% 2 -

Icon Skill Passive.pngPassives

Name SP Cost Effects Rarity Type
Life and Death 1 50 Grants Atk/Spd+3. Inflicts Def/Res-3. 3Icon Rarity 3.png A
Life and Death 2 100 Grants Atk/Spd+4. Inflicts Def/Res-4. 4Icon Rarity 4.png
Life and Death 3 200 Grants Atk/Spd+5. Inflicts Def/Res-5. 5Icon Rarity 5.png
Spur Def 1 50 Grants adjacent allies Def+2 during combat. - C
Spur Def 2 100 Grants adjacent allies Def+3 during combat. -
Ward Fliers 200 Grants flying allies within 2 spaces Def/Res+4 during combat. -


Summoning Hero
  • “I am Minerva, Princess of Macedon. I will never hesitate in my duty. Ask-and it will be done.”
Friend Greetings
  • “An acquaintance of yours bid me come wish you well. Who? It was [Friend].”
  • “In these moments of quiet, I sometimes reflect on bygone days with my siblings…”
  • “These days I am known as the Red Dragoon… In better days I rode an adorable pegasus…”
  • “I believe Prince Alfonse will be a fine king. He reminds me of Prince Marth in a way.”
  • “My brother Michalis and I each made our own choices… I had to execute him with my own hands.”
  • Michalis and I will never be as siblings again. But I shall always wish happiness for our sister, Maria.”
Character Page

Icon Rarity 5.png *Laughs*
Icon Rarity 5.png “Mm? Did you need something?”
Icon Rarity 5.png “I remember days of light and laughter…”
Icon Rarity 5.png “I will fight with honor, if not pride.”
Icon Rarity 5.png “Anytime you wish to speak, do not hesitate.”
Icon Rarity 5.png “Is that how you greet people in your homeland?”
Icon Rarity 5.png “Let us restore peace to the people of this world together.”
Icon Rarity 5.png “I shall never ascend the throne. I do not have the capacity to rule.”

Leveling Up
  • (+0, +1 Points) “Michalis was always a step ahead. I cannot compare…”
  • (+2, +3 Points) “So…I had not reached my full potential…”
  • (+4, +5 Points) “Witness the fearsome power of the Red Dragoon!”
Learning Skills
  • “You have my gratitude. I will show it by my victories.”
Turn Action
  • “Yes?”
  • “Orders?”
  • “Onward.”
Special Skill
  • “You poor fool…”
  • “Face me, coward!”
  • “I will end this swiftly.”
  • “Make peace with your gods.”
  • “Unworthy…”
  • “I do not have what is required of a ruler. During my time ruling in place of my brother…
    I have allowed rebellion, been captured, and displayed my own powerlessness and disgrace.
    Perhaps I could better rule with a tactician like you at my side…
    You have a unique quality about you-you make me feel as if…
    I still have much I can accomplish. Thank you for that. I swear to not give up and to look to the future.”