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Delicate Princess
Full Portrait Priscilla.png
Full Attack Priscilla.png
Full Special Priscilla.png
Full Injured Priscilla.png
Art by: kaya8
Rarities 5Icon Rarity 5.png
Weapon Type Icon Class Neutral Staff.pngNeutral Staff
Move Type Icon Move Cavalry.png Cavalry
Origin Fire Emblem: The Blazing Blade
Gender Female
Voice Actor EN Marcella Lentz-Pope
Voice Actor JP Hashimoto Chinami
Release Date March 14, 2017

The daughter of Count Caerleon. Also Raven's sister. Poised and gentle, with a jealous streak.


All stats have a degree of variation. The stat growth page explains how the variation works.

Base Stats

5Icon Rarity 5.png16/17/186/7/86/7/83/4/57/8/9

Max Level Stats

5Icon Rarity 5.png33/36/4025/29/3225/29/3216/19/2229/32/35


Icon Skill Weapon.pngWeapons

NameMightRangeEffectSP CostDefaultUnlock
Panic72After combat, bonuses on targeted foe become penalties through its next action.150--

Icon Skill Assist.pngAssists

NameRangeEffectSP CostDefaultUnlock
Heal1Restores 5 HP.---
Reconcile1Restores 7 HP each to target and this unit.100--
Rehabilitate1Restores 7 HP or more the further below 50% the target's HP is. Slows special trigger (cooldown count+1).2005Icon Rarity 5.png-

Icon Skill Special.pngSpecials

Name Charge Effects SP Cost Default Unlock
Imbue 1 Next time healing an ally, heals an additional 10 HP - - -
Still-Water Balm 1 Next time healing an ally, grants all allies Res+4 for a turn - 5Icon Rarity 5.png -

Icon Skill Passive.pngPassives

Name Effects SP Cost Unlock Type
Spur Def 1 Grants adjacent allies Def+2 during combat 50 - C
Spur Def 2 Grants adjacent allies Def+3 during combat 100 -
Spur Def 3 Grants adjacent allies Def+4 during combat 200 5Icon Rarity 5.png


Summoning Hero
  • “My name is Priscilla. If it's not too much trouble, could I stay with you for a while?"
Friend Greetings
  • “My name is Priscilla. I come with greetings from your friend [Friend].”
  • “I have heard that my brother, Raymond, is going by the name Raven these days. What's more, he now works as a mercenary. I can't imagine what changed him so thoroughly!"
  • “I'm the daughter of Count Caerleon. But, you see, my true lineage is quite a complicated story."
  • “Oh, Raymond... My Raymond... Whatever happened to you, dear brother of mine?"
  • “I'm not skilled in battle. I find it all barbaric and terrifying. I'd rather stay in the castle."
  • “Care to sit down for some tea? I have some sweets, thanks to the kind people here!"
Character Page
  • “Heehee..."
  • “Care is my calling."
  • “I'll ease your pain."
  • “If you find yourself injured? Please find me. I'll heal you immediately."
  • “What an exceptional individual you are."
  • “Someone once made me a very important promise."
  • “I'd like to say I'm above jealousy. But there have been occasions."
  • “I will stay by your side for as long as you need me."
Leveling Up
  • (+0, +1 Points) “I fear that was not nearly good enough.”
  • (+2, +3 Points) “Was that an acceptable result? I do hope so.”
  • (+4, +5 Points) “Is this an exceptional result? I haven't the faintest!”
Learning Skills
  • “How curious that you're making me more powerful!”
Turn Action
  • “Yes?"
  • “As you will."
  • “Onward."
Special Skill
  • “Here I go!"
  • “This shouldn't be necessary!"
  • “I won't have it!"
  • “I'll ease your pain."
  • “Brother...!”
  • "May I ask you a question? I don't mean to trouble you. I seem stronger to you?
    I barely recognize myself in the mirror, now that I've been here for a while.
    I knew nothing of the world—or worlds—before all of this. And what did I know of battle?
    I've changed so much, and I believe that you deserve much of the credit. Don't you?
    Well, some goes to me. I do think that you and I make a fine team. And I hope we always will!"