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Sword Demon
Full Portrait Karel.png
Full Attack Karel.png
Full Special Karel.png
Full Injured Karel.png
Art by: Kita Senri (北千里)
Rarities 5Icon Rarity 5.png
Weapon Type Icon Class Red Sword.pngRed Sword
Move Type Icon Move Infantry.png Infantry
Origin Fire Emblem: The Blazing Blade
Gender Male
Voice Actor EN Bryce Papenbrook
Voice Actor JP Junji Majima
Release Date March 14, 2017

A vicious swordsman from a family devoted to mastering the blade. Known as the Sword Demon.


All stats have a degree of variation. The stat growth page explains how the variation works.

Base Stats

5Icon Rarity 5.png18/19/207/8/98/9/105/6/74/5/6

Max Level Stats

5Icon Rarity 5.png44/47/5026/30/3332/35/3822/25/2917/20/23


Icon Skill Weapon.pngWeapons

NameMightRangeEffectSP CostDefaultUnlock
Iron Sword61----
Steel Sword81-100--
Wo Dao91Grants +10 to damage when Special triggers.200--
Wo Dao+131Grants +10 to damage when Special triggers.300-5Icon Rarity 5.png

Icon Skill Assist.pngAssists

This hero has no Assist skills.

Icon Skill Special.pngSpecials

Name Charge Effects SP Cost Default Unlock
Retribution 3 Grants bonus to damage dealt equal to 30% of damage suffered. - 5Icon Rarity 5.png -
Reprisal 2 Grants bonus to damage dealt equal to 30% of damage suffered. 200 - 5Icon Rarity 5.png

Icon Skill Passive.pngPassives

Name Effects SP Cost Unlock Type
Defiant Atk 1 Grants Atk+3 at start of turn if unit's HP ≤ 50%. 40 5Icon Rarity 5.png A
Defiant Atk 2 Grants Atk+5 at start of turn if unit's HP ≤ 50%. 80 5Icon Rarity 5.png
Defiant Atk 3 Grants Atk+7 at start of turn if unit's HP ≤ 50%. 160 5Icon Rarity 5.png
Desperation 1 If unit initiates combat with HP ≤ 25%, follow-up attacks occur immediately after unit's attack. 50 5Icon Rarity 5.png B
Desperation 2 If unit initiates combat with HP ≤ 50%, follow-up attacks occur immediately after unit's attack. 100 5Icon Rarity 5.png
Desperation 3 If unit initiates combat with HP ≤ 75%, follow-up attacks occur immediately after unit's attack. 200 5Icon Rarity 5.png


Summoning Hero
  • “I am Karel. Care to meet my blade? Oh, let me withdraw the offer. You are not ready...yet."
Friend Greetings
  • “You must be [Summoner]. So, you think yourself a friend of [Friend]? Heh.”
  • "The most skillful Heroes from all the worlds gather in this one? What a lovely, lovely place."
  • "I have taken up my family's blade, which means that I am now one with my weapon."
  • "Point me at the strongest of this world. My blade longs to feast on worthy meat."
  • "Approaching me? Here? I may take that as a challenge someday. Best you learn to defend yourself."
  • "I am practicing a sword technique that we have kept secret within our family—to the extreme. So, I'll do you the favor of telling you to walk away. Unless, of course, you wish to see it?"
Character Page
  • "Hmm."
  • "Point me toward a worthy opponent."
  • "My blade comes out at the...slightest provocation."
  • "I was raised to live and die by the sword. Now, among my family members, I live. My sister does too."
  • "Only one can wield the sword."
  • "My body? My blade? We are one and the same."
  • "I am on the path of the sword. I seek its end—one way or another."
  • "Don't worry. My blade isn't meant for you."
Leveling Up
  • (+0, +1 Points) “This risks tarnishing my blade—my body!”
  • (+2, +3 Points) “My body and my blade must get faster and fiercer!”
  • (+4, +5 Points) “I pile my victims to the sky so the gods bless my blade!”
Learning Skills
  • “Lovely, lovely—I yearn to unleash my blade!”
Turn Action
  • "Okay...?"
  • "Who next?"
  • "Time to feast."
Special Skill
  • "Feast, blade. Feast!"
  • "My blade, unrestrained!"
  • "My blood roils!"
  • "I cannot resist...the urge!"
  • “Well done.”
  • "You are a puzzle to me. I am on the path of the sword and cut down those strong enough to matter.
    Yet you cannot fight—not with a sword, not even any magic. Still, you are on my path.
    How troubling. Why don't I just walk around you? Why do I continue to fight for you? Perhaps...
    Perhaps it is because having you at my side propels me faster along my path!
    In any case, here we are—the sword and the swordless!
    What else can I do but continue? That is, until the day when I see you standing IN my way."